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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy can be defined in four simple words:

fun, fast, healthy, and educational.

We aim to create highly nutritious food 

that positively impacts 

the well-being of our guests.

We are proud to offer a uniquely flavorful menu
that supports local farmers and businesses,
celebrates modern and authentic Mexican cooking techniques,
and highlights California's abundance of ingredients.


Nixtamalization is an ancient Mesoamerican technique for cooking corn.
It is a process that unlocks plentiful health benefits of corn
that have sustained civilizations for thousands of years. 

Maize was revered as a gift from the gods and was the base of the nutrition for the mighty 

Aztec and Mayan Empires.

Nixtamalization involves cooking dried corn kernels in an alkaline solution, traditionally ashes are used. 

The alkaline solution loosens the tough outer pericarp of the kernel,
and chemically unlocks the corn's natural occurring 

B vitamins, calcium, and proteins.

When Columbus sailed to the Americas in 1492, corn was at the height of its abundance.
Millions of varieties were being cultivated and harvested by indigenous people
living between the high Andes of Peru and The Great Lakes.

So many of these incredibly beautiful heirloom corn varieties have become extinct.

With the onset of agricultural industrialization

corn has never been more threatened.

Genetically modified corn plants that have been bred in a lab are designed to be
highly yielding, drought resistant, and immune to heavy amounts of chemical pesticides.

These GMO corn varieties represent the majority of corn grown in the United States and around the world.

Our mission is to change the fate of this ancient grain.

We source the finest heirloom grain grown in the United States and Mexico. 

By nixtamalizing organic and non-GMO corn, we are able to retain the unique flavors, characteristics, and health benefits of the grain.

We aim to support the need for
diversified, organic, and non-GMO corn that is 

healthy, sustainable, and flavorful.

Our Chef