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Photo of Patrick Sheehy

Patrick Sheehy

Chef | Owner | Operator

Patrick Sheehy is a southern California native. Born and raised in Manhattan Beach, he spent most of his youth on either a surfboard or skateboard.

After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Accounting, and a Minor in Business Communication, Patrick felt equipped with the right tools and a great foundation for success.

Patrick's sense of curiosity, immense love of the ocean, and his life-long desire to live in a foreign country, lead him to South America where Chile became his home for nearly two years. During this time, Patrick worked as an English teacher and was continuously met with new opportunities that allowed him to further embrace South American culture.

Immediately after Patrick returned from Chile, he was set on pursuing a career in the restaurant industry with the goal of opening his own restaurant. Patrick moved back to Manhattan Beach and landed a job in Chef David LeFevre's landmark restaurant, MB Post.

Patrick was inspired to attend the renowned Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena California. While living in Napa Valley and attending culinary school, Patrick was introduced to the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group. He began working at the one Michelin star restaurant, Bouchon Bistro, in Yountville. During his time at Bouchon, Patrick honed his classical culinary skills and learned the importance of organization, professionalism, and true dedication to the craft.

It was also during his time at the C.I.A., that Patrick developed a unique passion for making corn tortillas. He began experimenting with the ancient technique of nixtamalization to transform dried heirloom corn kernels into tortillas. 

It was not long before Patrick had developed a business plan for a fast-casual restaurant that celebrated this lost art. Just four months before his graduation from C.I.A., Patrick had secured the perfect location for his restaurant and the chance to make his dream of owning a restaurant a reality.

Patrick is pleased to bring Más Masa, a fun and healthy restaurant concept, to Fairfax!